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KPI or Key Performance Indicators are metrics used to measure the rate at which a business is achieving its goals or objectives. Most businesses make use of KPIs to analyze and evaluate their success at achieving both short term and long term goals. Also called Key Success Indicators, these indicators help gauge how effective are various functions to the achievement of organizational goals. There are several Social Selling KPIs that can be measured.

  1. Growing Your LinkedIn Network With The Right Connect:

A powerful KPI that’s easy to measure, it provides insight into whether your activities are directed towards getting the right connections.

  1. Transforming New Connections

Still don’t know what step to take with your new connections? Why not ring them or arrange an appointment. With your CRM, you can track the ratio between new connections and the number of calls and appointments. This is important to analyze if beneficial activities are taking place.

  1. Engagement Rate:

Engagement rate is simply defined as how many people clicked, liked, commented or shared your content. This is a powerful metric to evaluate how your content is faring with the audience.

  1. Client Referrals to Appointments

It is noteworthy to state that successful salespeople grow their enterprise through referral relationships. It is important to leverage your relationship with your clients and get introductions to other prospective clients.

  1. Number of Proposals to Appointments

This helps evaluate how many proposals made to clients resulted in appointments. It helps determine if truly all the time invested in LinkedIn activities were worth it.  How many emails resulted in clients? If the ratio is low, it might be time to kick-start another plan or reach out to another section of the economy.

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