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Selling to your customers requires you to identify and understand their needs. To understand the needs of your customer or prospect, you should conduct a needs analysis. Today’s buyers are more complex and this is why you should put the following things in order so as to fully understand them:

  1. Comprehensive Research: You must have done your homework before approaching any prospect. Conduct in-depth research that educates you about the prospect even more. It is not just enough to know their names or designation, go beyond that and get more personal and empathetic.
  2. Ask Open-Ended Questions: When meeting with your prospect, your goal would be to get them to comfortably express themselves. You can achieve this by asking them open-ended questions. These are questions that give room for explanation and description.
  3. Ask Simple Questions: Your prospect would not be so excited to hear complex questions. They would want to answer a question with an easy and straightforward answer. Therefore, do not be vague or ambiguous when asking questions. For instance, a question such as “what’s the one thing you would love to give your girlfriend?” is much more simple than “how would you love to make your girlfriend happy?”
  4. Engage Your Prospect: Engagement is a major in marketing. If you are not creating an interesting conversation or connection with your prospect, you would lose their attention much quicker.

When conducting your needs analysis, ask questions that would reproduce more conversation. By doing this, you would be able to peel away the layers and see deeper into your prospects’ emotional and personal side.

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