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One of the ways to ensure that you make good decisions about your selling time is to create a comprehensive sales plan.

What’s a sales plan?  A written, thoughtful set of decisions about the most effective things you can do.  A sales plan should be the result of some good thinking, wherein you analyze and prioritize a number of different aspects of your job.

A sales plan gives you a bit more control in an unpredictable world of sales that are influenced by several factors. In preparing a personal sales plan, you must, first of all, set a sales target. This involves the goals you would like to achieve per time when selling. You could define these targets as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targets.

When you determine your sales targets, you should also outline the strategies that would help you achieve them and make more sales. For instance, one’s sales strategy may be to increase online presence and influence or to get more word of mouth referrals. It is highly recommended that you break down your strategy into smaller and easy to achieve goals.

For example, the salesman who intends to grow his influence online would have to determine how many times to post per day, what platforms to use and even the right hashtags to use. So his smaller goals may be to post 2 to 3 times a day, like and comment on his customers’ posts, market his content by putting it on platforms with a larger audience, etc.

After this, you must decide how to stay relevant to your customers. Not every existing customer will remain loyal to you. Therefore, you must keep them actively engaged. This may be done by calling them up every now and then, running an email marketing campaign or meeting with them physically.

The creation of a sales plan, as you can see, is not a simple, one-time event.  Rather it is a discipline that involves a commitment of time and thoughtfulness at specific intervals in the year.

It is also not just an administrative requirement, but a powerful tool that enables a professional salesperson to consistently make good decisions about the most important question he/she faces:  Where to go and what to do?

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